Hi, my name is Craig Childs!

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer from the UK


Anchor CMS

An Open-Source CMS written in PHP, designed to be easily configured for small blogs. I have been a maintainer on this project since 2011, until recently where me and the other maintainers have decided to archive the project.



I enjoy dabbling in game development yet never really finished a project, until this one. I sat down one Friday evening, download Godot and just jumped in. This game is a simple arcade style game where you need to collect small orbs in order to continue to the next level, it gets harder as your vision in the game reduces into Darkness the longer you go without getting an orb.


Plaid - PHP

For a project at Analog Republic we needed to integrate with the Plaid API, there wasn't a PHP SDK available so I wrapped up the functionality we needed into a small package.



Back in 2011 me and my friend Charlotte were building a lot of little websites in our spare time, and out of those a small framework was born. I've more recently updated it to use more modern packages and have since archived it due to lack of time; it was my playground for PHP best practices.



At Analog Republic we're an entirely remote team, for this we like to use tools to stay connected and have open communication. The biggest part of remote working is the lack of face-to-face, we wanted to bridge the gap; learning from pre-existing tools that have since shutdown, such as Sqwiggle. On this project I co-lead development, writing backend and frontend logic to handle the WebRTC and WebSocket messaging.


The Burmese Cat Club

A freelance project for the UK based Burmese Cat Club charity. For this project I implemented a design into a Wordpress website.


Built with Tailwind, Hugo and hosted on Netlify.